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The current course has three elements- these cover the following topics:

1) Germany in Transition, c.1919-1947- rise of the Nazi Party, changing life for the German people, War and its impact on life in Germany.

2) Russia in Transition, 1905-1924- causes of the Revolutions of 1917, causes of the Civil War, 1918-1921, development of the Communits state, 1921-1924.

3) The development of the USA, 1930-2000- Changing life in the USA, political and economic changes, social changes, Changing attitudes to the race issue 1930-2000

4) Course work- assessment of sources on Women and World War I, assessment fo interpretations about the British Generals in World War I.

Revision Notes

1 Rise of Nazi party

2 German life

3 Germany War and Peace

4 Russia- Why was there a Revolution in 1917

5 Russia- The Civil war

6 Russia- The Communist state

USA 1930 and Black Americans notes

All Questions 3 simplified

Paper 3 USA



For year 9 pupils from September 2016 the course has been altered.

There are three parts- these cover the following topics:

1)   USA (1919-2000) Gangsters, Prohibition, Silent Cinema, Jazz, Talkies, Wall Street Crash, the Depression, WWII, the Red Scare, Odd Presidents,  Films, Youth culture, Female changing roles.  

2)      Life In Britain 1951-1979- Austerity, affluence and discontent- rationing, NHS, Nationalisation, New Industries and Strikes.

3)       Crime and Punishment from 1500 to present day - Pirates, Witches, Luddites, Police, Law Courts and Prisons

4)       Course work - Interpretations in History- which will involve an investigation into an issue of historical controversy.  E.g.  Were the British Generals incompetent in WWI? Or Was the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940 a triumph?