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At Llantwit Major School, we firmly believe that people are our greatest asset.


We see ourselves as a school community committed to excellence, creativity and innovation. We encourage participation in a wide range of educational and life enriching activities, celebrating success in many varied ways. The ultimate aim is to help all students prepare to take maximum advantage of life long learning experiences in further education and careers, establishing themselves as responsible members of the community and beyond. By focussing on maintaining high expectations and relationships, fostering a positive ethos, providing a broad and stimulating curriculum and embedding the school at the core of the community, we aim to provide young people with a valuable and fulfilling experience of school.


Fiona Greville



Year 6 Transition 2020 - 2021



Dear Parent/Guardian


COVID 19 Update – 26 June 2020


In readiness for the school re-opening next week I thought it would be useful to remind you of the following and ask that you discuss this information with your son/daughter.


Llantwit Major School Outline Plan

A whole year group will be invited in for a 3 hour pupil day.  Pupils arriving by bus/car are asked to arrive between 8.20 – 8.30am.  Pupils who walk/cycle to school are asked to arrive between 8.40 - 8.55am – for the 3 week period.


Year 7 - Monday

Year 8 - Tuesday

Year 9 - Wednesday

Year 10 - Thursday

Year 12 - Friday


The timings are planned to allow for a deep clean of the school in the afternoon.

The caretaking team will inform pupils when they can leave the car or bus.


Health Check

Each pupil will have a health check on arrival by a member of SLT prior to entering the school site.


Teaching Room

You should have all received a letter informing you of the classroom your son/daughter will be taught in over the next 3 weeks.  Please ensure that they know the room/block number e.g. L21/M8.


Entry to Buildings

Pupils allocated a teaching room in M Block will enter the site via school street.  Pupils allocated a teaching room in L Block will enter via the gates at the side of the leisure centre.  Staff will be available to direct them to their teaching room.


Preparation for Students

  • Be ready to attend school safely.
  • Wear your school uniform and make sure that it is washed when you get home ready for the next time you are in school.
  • Pack your bag with the following items: filled water bottle, snack for break time, pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, bus pass (if needed), and tissues.
  • Do not bring other items that are not on the list  – e.g. school books, homework diary, make up bags, PE kit, pencil case, calculator, laptop or other similar device.


If you bring a mobile phone to school for safety reasons you must not get it out of your bag for the whole time that you are on the school site. Phone access will not be permitted at break time.


Transport Queries

Please direct these to the Local Authority:


Alex Bazley

Transport Officer

Tel: 01446 700111


During this period we will also continue to teach remotely using ‘google classroom’.  It is essential that learners carry on with their remote learning in all subjects when not in school.


To re-open safely, the school is operating at a fixed capacity.  Therefore where a family has not responded there is no place allocated/available.  Unfortunately for this reason, students who arrive unexpectedly will not be able to attend school.


Finally, I wish to say thank you for your ongoing support during these difficult times and look forward to welcoming your son/daughter back into school next week or where it is not safe for a pupil to return to school we look forward to continuing to work with them remotely.

Yours faithfully 


F K Greville



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