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At Llantwit Major School, we firmly believe that people are our greatest asset.


We see ourselves as a school community committed to excellence, creativity and innovation. We encourage participation in a wide range of educational and life enriching activities, celebrating success in many varied ways. The ultimate aim is to help all students prepare to take maximum advantage of life long learning experiences in further education and careers, establishing themselves as responsible members of the community and beyond. By focussing on maintaining high expectations and relationships, fostering a positive ethos, providing a broad and stimulating curriculum and embedding the school at the core of the community, we aim to provide young people with a valuable and fulfilling experience of school.


Fiona Greville



       tHURSDAY 13 aUGUST - yEAR 12/13 as/a lEVEL 
       tHURSDAY 20 AUGUST - YEAR 11 gcse

Further information can be found in letters below:





15 July 2020                                                                       


Dear Parent/Guardian

Thank you for your support, understanding and patience over the past 4 months. I am grateful to you for everything you have done to assist your child’s learning at this difficult time.

This letter will provide you with further information in respect of your child/ren returning to school in September 2020. As a result of the Minister for Education’s recent announcement regarding the reopening of schools, we are keen to ensure that all pupils return to school in September as soon as it is practically possible to do so.

All learners will return to their school setting in the autumn term unless they have a health/medical reason not to. This will include learners who are still shielding if the advice at that time is that they should attend school. If in doubt about whether a health condition means that you child should not be attending school please take advice from your GP or hospital doctor.  

Llantwit Major School will be open for staff only on Tuesday 1 September and Wednesday 2 September. This will allow school staff to plan in readiness for pupils returning to school. 

From Thursday 3 September, certain year groups will start to return to school. The following table provides further information in relation to how pupils will return to Llantwit Major School from Thursday 3 September:

School day start/end times

Thursday 3 September

Friday 4 September

Monday 7 September

Start: 8.30am

End:  3pm

Years 7, 12, 13 start

Year 11 start


(Year 7,11,12,13 in school)

Years 8, 9, 10 start


(All pupils in school – Years 7-13)


You will also receive the following communications this week:

  • a letter from the progress leaders of years 7-13 explaining the basic expectations for September
  • a more detailed plan from myself on Friday- explaining how we will ensure the safe full re-opening of the school In September.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you all, once again, for your continuing support at a very difficult time. 

Yours faithfully

Mrs F K Greville



Plan for September

Year 7 end of term letter

Year 8 end of term letter

Year 9 end of term letter

Year 10 end of term letter

Year 11 end of term letter

Year 12 end of term letter


Uniform Years 7-11

Uniform Years 12-13


VoG Transport Letter September 2020


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