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Student Council 2019-20

Year 7 Pupil Transition Survey 2019-20

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Llantwit Major - Pupil Satisfaction - April 2021


The Student Council at Llantwit Major School consists of at least two representatives from each year group in Years 7-11 and four from the 6th form.

Pupils on the council are selected by their peers in a democratic election process and meet on a regular basis to discuss a variety of student and whole school issues. 


Head girl

Meghan McDonald

Head boy

Nathan Pownall

Deputy head girl

Ellie Mae Williams

Deputy head boy

Joe Godfrey

Year 7

Ellis Turnball, Maddie Smith

Year 8

Lydia Nash and Rocco Caramella Thompson

Year 9

Alfie Jeffries and Lydia Evans

Year 10

Hallie Shather, Jacob David and Gethin Punter

Year 11

Joe Minchinton and Samantha Hodgson

Year 12

Tia Jade Allen and David Maughan



Student Voice – Year Group Meeting Dates

(Form Rep Meetings)


Year group (form group) meetings are to take place ½ termly, with Assistant  Leaders of Key Stage. This allows all pupils and form reps/groups an opportunity to express any questions, concerns or views they have on any issues involving the school. This will then be discussed with outcomes and information passed back to pupils via the school council representatives in assembly.


Health and Wellbeing Questionnaire (2019):



Bilingualism Questionnaire (2019)