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Science Students learn at CERN, Geneva

A group of 40, 14-18 year old pupils from Llantwit Major School have recently returned from Geneva where they visited the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. The group thoroughly enjoyed their tour of the various aspects of CERN. They visited the research facilities at one of the detector sites that is situated on top of a 27km accelerator tunnel in addition to experiencing a range of talks given by scientists from all over the world.


The highlight of the trip was meeting one of the leaders of the search for the illustrious Higgs Boson Particle, Dr Lyn Evans who is originally from Aberdare. Dr Evans was very keen to meet the school group as the 40 pupils from Llantwit Major are one of the first groups of Welsh students to visit the facility since he started his research to find the Higgs Boson Particle in 2008. The pupils came away full of enthusiasm for science as a whole and showed great knowledge when participating in a question and answer session with Dr Evans. They questioned him on topics such as matter, antimatter, the Higgs Boson and his future research with the Hadron Collider.

The visit allowed the students to develop an even greater understanding of the exciting world of Science!