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Students from this school will be making the news for real on 15 March 2018 as they take part in BBC News School Report. We aim to publish the news by 1600 GMT on the News Day, so please save this page as a favourite and return to it later.  In the meantime, take a look at the reports we produced last year.

Hello, and welcome to the Llantwit School Report webpage. The committee is made up of a group of Year 9 pupils, who enjoy the subject of English and are interested in the prospect of a pupil-run journalism committee, frequently reporting news, both local and afar to the site’s visitors. As part of this BBC-run scheme, we meet weekly to discuss recent articles and issues that matter to you.  Using research and interviews, the committee aims to provide up to date and detailed insights of as many different types of stories, affecting areas and people both local and world-wide.

If you have any stories that you’d like us to report on, then tweet us at @LMS_English and we’ll do our best to share your story on our web page.



School Report Team 2018


  Hi, my name is Wesley and I'm the Editor in Chief for the BBC School Report Team. My job is to proof read all articles before the are finalised and published. Also, I make sure the team is working hard and maintain a high level of effort throughout.   




 Hello, I’m Joe and I am also the Editor in Chief for the BBC School Report Team. My job is to read all the articles before they are published and help maintain a high efficiency work environment 








Hi, my name is Tia and I'm the photographer for the BBC School Report Team. My job is to take the photos in all written articles and ensure they are to the best quality.




 Hiya, my name is William and I am the researcher for School Report. My job is to discover new stories for the presenters to report on.





Hi, my name is Taran and I'm the script writer for the BBC School Report Team. My job is to write the scripts for the presenters to say on air.



Hi, my name is Hope and I'm the Field Reporter for the BBC Report Team. My job is to find out what is happening in the local community. 






Hi, my name is Bethany and I'm the script writer for the BBC School Report Team. My job is to write scripts for the presenters and reporters to say when they are on air.





Audio Report - Academic Achievements a A-level as sixth-formers

study four A-levels, including Welsh Baccalaureate




Audio Report on Sanitary Towel Campaign







Over the last eight years, Llantwit Major Comprehensive School has made it a yearly tradition to welcome over 50 senior citizens of Llantwit to the school to host a festive tea party.

On Wednesday 6th December 2017, the school opened its doors once again to the senior citizens of the local community.

Throughout the day, pupils and staff provided entertainment and refreshments for the special visitors.  The Year 13 catering students provided a fabulous feast for all.

The service started with a speech from Assistant Head, Mr Francis, and was soon followed by performances from the school choirs, and orchestra. Year Nine pupil, Shanti Bowen Damhus, performed Silent Night on the piano. Caitlin Doleman, a Year 13 pupil, sang ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’. This was followed by Tom Colgan, who took centre stage when he sang ‘The Christmas Song’. Then the senior choir - pupils from years 9-13 - sang ‘Mary Did You Know?’

After the musical medleys there was a drama performance by some Year Nine pupils, Bethan Scholes, Mia Griffiths-Price, Lily Starkey, Iona Wilkinson and Josh Kirkham. They performed the drama performance previously at St Illtyd’s Church on Tuesday 5th December.

The citizens loved to see such young faces perform such beautiful pieces of music; their applause filled the hall and some tears were shed!

During the performances we asked one of the organisers, Mrs Davis, how she felt this event had impacted the senior citizens. She replied with, “It gives the senior citizens the opportunity to talk to people they might not get anywhere else.”

To close the day, the senior choir sang ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ whilst the senior citizens were presented with their handmade hampers. 

Throughout December, students of Llantwit Major School had been busily crafting festive displays for the senior citizens, with each form contributing a donation to help make their Christmas special. 

This was the 8th annual celebration tea party the school had held and the school says it will not be the last.

 By Wesley B and Joe M  


16 year old Millie Competes for Great Britain 


In September 2017 a Year 12 pupil of Llantwit Major School, Millie, who is only sixteen years old competed for Great Britain in the under 18’s youth life saving team. Millie competed successfully in 3 events over 3 days. In the surf ski she came 3rd in the world, sprint 4th and 3rd in the team.


Millie’s interest in lifeguarding started when she was only six years old, when she went to watch a race but was asked to fill in at the last minute - and won!  Her main inspiration is her mum who was also a lifeguard ,competing for Wales in California.

Millie said her hardest competition was in the European championships because there were a lot of heats and as she did exceptionally well the competition was a lot tougher.


In Order to keep fit and maintain her ability, Millie trains 11 times a week with no rest days.  Millie is currently training to compete in sprint kayaking and would love to take this further, possibly lifeguarding as a career. Sadly there are not currently many opportunities to be employed using lifeguarding skills in the UK but Millie would love to move to Australia and work full time on their beaches.     



Let’s hope we see Millie as world champion the near future


Millie told us “it's a sacrifice seeing my friends going out together but I really enjoy lifeguard.”


“I love lifeguarding and I really like to do it” Millie told us.


By William H-W




By Bethany S and Hope S



By William W-H and Taran E


By Joe



On Saturday February 3rd, our school’s senior choir took part in the annual Mayor’s Concert. The senior choir performed in the concert, and several pupils from the choir also had their own opportunity to perform solo/duets/groups.

Throughout January the choir prepared for the concert, including learning a completely new song and attending choir practise twice a week as opposed to only once. Originally, the choir was meant to be performing a couple of songs, however due to a mix up with the dates they were only able to learn one song in time for the concert. The mix up of dates wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, in fact it was beneficial for the students involved with the choir as it opened up the opportunity for them to perform in the concert by themselves. Arranging this was slightly difficult for the solo performers, as the deadline to get backing tracks sent had already passed. However, Miss Toms, Head of the Performing Arts department, took the time to learn and perform a piano accompaniment for these singers in the short time (I know I could never to that in time!).


On the day of the concert, the students met at St Illtyd’s Church (where the concert was being held) for a sound check. During this time Miss Toms went through the choir’s song to make sure everyone knew the lyrics and that they knew all of the notes they had to sing. After that, she went through the songs with the solo/group singers so that they again knew what they were doing.


The concert started at 7 o’clock, and was split into two parts; our school’s performance was in the first part. The song our choir had chosen to sing was ‘As Long As I Have Music’, and I think it’s fair to say our choir was excellent. Following our choir’s performance were:

Shanti Bowen-Damhus - Einaudi Piano Solo

Tia-Jade Allen - I Dreamed A Dream

Megan Johnson - Take A Bow (Rihanna)

Llewellyn Brown and Caitlin Dolman - Friendship from ‘Anything Goes’

Llewellyn Brown, Caitlin Dolman and Jess Summers - Can’t Help Falling In Love

Tom Colgan and Ellie-May Williams - De Lovely from ‘Anything Goes’

Tom Colgan - Waving Through A Window from ‘Dear Evan Hansen’

Evermore from ‘Beauty and the Beast’

He Used To Be Mine from ‘Waitress’  

Miss Toms from the Performing Arts department said, “I thought the school choir were amazing and presented a programme that was of quality and variety.”

The range of talent from our school just keeps on going!

As well as our school’s performances, there were a variety of wonderful performances throughout the duration of the concert. This included performances from other schools, Major Music and solo performances; vocal and instrumental. The range of talent was seemingly endless! The Mayor of Llantwit Major, Jane Norman (who’s concert it was) said, “ The wealth of talent in our local young people is phenomenal.” I think our school would definitely agree.

Overall, it was a fantastic evening, not only for the performers from our school but for everyone involved.

By Tia-Jade A


On Tuesday, February 13th, Aspire students from Year 9 to 11 visited the Sky Studios in London to make up their own news report. Beforehand, the students involved with the trip had to do some research about their topic; Mission to Mars. They split up into four groups, which on the actual day would be the studio each group would be working in, and assigned each other roles, for example; scriptwriter, reporter, and cameraman.

On the day of the trip, students arrived at school at 8:30 ready to take the four-hour journey to the studios in London. During the journey, they stopped at the service station so anyone who had no lunch with them had the chance to buy something, which they could then eat upon arrival at the studios at around 1 o’clock. After arrival the students had to sort out their roles, making sure everyone in each group knew what their roles were and were given the chance to switch roles before filming the report if they wanted.

When everyone had finished their lunch, they were taken on a small tour of the studios, including a view of one of their recording studios for certain sports (in this case golf). The students were shown different types of equipment used in the recording, with detailed explanations of how they work and why they are needed for the recording. One example was the camera used for the recording. Afterwards, the students were shown to the Sky Academy Studios. Here they watched an introduction video for the Academy, finding out what they had to do and what skills they needed to complete their news report. In total there were five important skills that were needed.

For the recording of the news report, the students had to review their scripts and had the chance to change anything they wanted to, before actually filming the report. After that, the students could go to a dressing room and put on different items of clothing, for example blazers, hats, headbands and so on. As soon as they had finished choosing their clothes (and having a bit of fun with it) the students returned to their studios ready for filming. The filming of the report was split between the four studios; Studio 1 did the introduction, Studio 2 filmed ‘on location, Studio 3 did the eyewitness interviews and Studio 4 filmed the expert interviews. To actually record the new report, the cameramen used iPads connected to a larger camera, as opposed to using the full camera. The footage was then edited by the editors to ensure any takes that went wrong were cut out and the footage was of a high standard. Next came the overview. This was only recorded in certain studios, and a few students (no matter what their roles were) could choose facts relating to their part of the topic and voice record them. These recordings were then played on top of pictures relating to each fact. Although it didn’t quite seem like that long, the time it took to do all of the recording was actually around two / two and a half hours. All of the recordings from each studio were then sent off to be put together.

Mrs Birt, one of the teachers on the trip, said, “It was an interesting, challenging experience. It gave the students an opportunity to use their communication, presentation and teamwork skills, and I think it should be run again but with different students involved.”

After the recording, the students were taken to the Sky Sport studio, where they were able to see the actual set where they do interviews. For confidentiality purposes the students weren’t able to take pictures and weren’t able to watch for long, but it’s fair to say it was an unforgettable experience for most. The students returned to the Academy Studios shortly afterwards and were able to see their completed news report. They were also given USB wristbands with a copy of the final report saved on it.


After receiving these gifts, the students collected their belongings and got themselves ready to take another four hour journey back to the school. Full of excitement from the day’s events, the students returned to school at about 8 o’clock that evening.

For everyone, it’s safe to say it was a fantastic experience and the trip should most certainly be run again for future students.

By Tia-Jade A

Llantwit Leads Their Own Entrepreneurial Dragon’s Den

On the 28th of November, the pupils in Year 10 at Llantwit Major School took part in an all-day activity for the 'Enterprise and Employability' part of their Welsh Baccalaureate course. The pupils had to work together in groups to create a product of a specific theme, this year being 'wearable technology'.

Throughout the day pupils had to write and prepare for their company’s pitch as well as create a display board to use as part of their persuasive pitch.  Pupils were given two hours in the morning to make a display board promoting their product, containing different pieces of information about their product (including cost, the logo and/or a picture of their product, their target audience etc.)  

The deliverance of the pitches started at 11:10 in the morning, so some pupils decided to dedicate their form and break time to work on their display boards to make sure they were finished in time. With such little time to prepare, time management and organizational skills were paramount. However, despite the time limit, the pupils managed to pull it off excellently - designing some fabulous boards and delivering strong pitches. Betsy Downes (who had to make the display board and deliver her pitch by herself) said, "It was pretty hard doing everything by myself because I had to basically take on everyone else's jobs, make the display board and talk about all the different parts of it even if I didn't understand it. It was really stressful. I think it went okay though, but it would've been a lot easier if I did it with my group."

I think most would agree that the morning was quite a challenge, but it certainly didn't stop anyone or slow them down. Everyone's hard work and effort was definitely evident in the final result, which was highly commended in the assembly at the end of the day. Rhodri Richards, part of the group Hot Headed, commented, "The display boards looked really good. Everyone worked really hard and put in loads of effort. It was great. Some groups were given awards and named the winners, but I think everyone was a winner on that day."

As said by Rhodri, certain groups were chosen to receive awards based on their display boards, pitches, innovative ideas, and as overall winners based on all three components. The awards given were as follows:

Best Pitch - Massaging Slippers

Best Display Board - Technology Ring

Most Innovative Idea - Customcase

Overall Winners:

1st - Customcase

2nd - Hot Headed

3rd - Betsy Downes

Ellie Morgan, a member of the group Customcase, said, "I enjoyed the day, it was the best Welsh Bac day we've had so far. Everyone was working well together in their groups and there wasn't a lot of arguing. I'd like to do it again in future, but with a different theme."

With an excited buzz from the pupils, it could be that the next step: Dragon’s Den!

By Tia-Jade A