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Llantwit Major Art Department


Our department Art and Design offers a wide range of learning experiences which encourage and promote communication, self-expression and imagination.  Our students are encouraged to engage in their own learning and can select appropriate research to develop their artistic understanding and creative skills. 


 The department is multi-disciplinary offering drawing, painting, photography, 3D making using clay, plaster, card and found materials. We are excited to announce that this year we are offering a new GCSE course called Photography and Print which will encompass photography with drawing and a variety of print making techniques including lino, etching, collagraph and screen printing.


All of our students are engaged in the Art and Design process, they work extremely hard to produce exciting outcomes and we are proud to support the diverse and exciting ideas they generate.


Very exciting times continue in Art and Design at Llantwit Major school, with the new building being created and the start of new GCSE in year 9 and new A Level courses with the WJEC it is going to be a time of great change and development for the future.



Please find a selection of our most current work on