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The Art and Design department offers a wide range of meaningful learning experiences during which
students will be physically, socially and emotionally engaged. As a result of the Art & Craft experiences the dept provides their well-being, self-esteem and resilience will be nurtured. This in turn will enhance their self-confidence. The Art Department also fosters and builds creativity and critical thinking skills which will aid learners’ capacity to question, make connections, innovate, solve problems, communicate, collaborate and reflect critically. Our learners at all levels are encouraged to develop projects that are personal to them and also work to find and select appropriate artists and craftspeople to research, in order to develop their contextual understanding and creative skills. 


The department runs an inclusive approach to Art & Design with the intentions of expanding the horizons of every learner. It is a multi-disciplinary department that runs a number of different workshops including drawing, painting, printmaking, photography and 3D design using clay, card and found materials. Learners in Year 7 and 8 spend two years taking part in exciting workshops to develop their basic and intermediate creative and written skills, using a range of wet and dry materials. This will develop a basic artistic competency and be a key foundation in preparation for their GCSE studies. In year 9 learners can then choose from the two GCSE Art and Design courses delivered in the Art Department – Art, Craft and Design and/or Photography. After completing their GCSE studies learners then have the option of continuing their Art education by opting for AS/A Level Art, Craft an Design.  


We provide a range of extra-curricular activities such as the department run Art Club, workshops run by external groups and class trips to Cardiff and London, all of which enable students to gain knowledge about their own culture and society, as well as other people’s. At the end of the academic year we celebrate our exam stage student’s achievements with an exhibition of GCSE, AS and A level work and learners take part in the exhibition as attendees and exhibitors. We are a popular and lively department within the school, and students in our care work extremely hard to produce exciting outcomes – as a team we are proud to support the diverse and exciting artwork they create.


From September 2019 please visit our Padlet page to see the exciting work being created by our learners.