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Christmas Hampers



The annual Senior Citizens’ tea party took place on 7 December. This event also coincided with the Christmas Hamper competition.  The hampers were designed by form classes throughout the school to be given away to the guests attending. It took place in the main hall of Llantwit Major Comprehensive School and was organised by Mrs Leanne Pownall and Mrs Fiona Greville. Teachers of the drama and music department, including Mrs Natalie Richards, Miss Elizabeth Brown and Mrs Melita Davis attended and put together performances which included a wide variety of dramatically and musically gifted students, ranging from years 7-11. In addition, teachers and students from the Catering department prepared delicious food for the guests. The guests included members of the Wednesday Hour and the Pensioners Committee of Llantwit Major; these are two groups who have been visiting the school annually for four years.

The performances ranged from the classic Christmas carols to an original take on a nativity poem and also instrumental pieces. Teachers Miss Elizabeth Brown and Mrs Melita Davis accompanied many musical performances, which made each and every performance better with their talents at use.

Year 9 pupils, Luke James and Sebastian Lewis, who performed throughout the day, interviewed two ladies. One of them was from the Wednesday Hour and the other from the Pensioners’ Committee. Their feedback was all very positive and complimentary as they said “It’s just kind that the youngsters of today are giving something back… Also it’s nice that people are thinking of those who live alone and these beautiful hampers are all they shall receive… It feels like the beginning of our Christmas.”