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Passport Presentation Ceremony

After a smooth transition from Primary School to Comprehensive, Year 7 pupils in Llantwit Major School were, awarded certificates in a special Passport presentation ceremony, aimed at recognising achievement.

The pupils have worked on a transition programme between Easter of Year 6 and Easter of Year 7, and have been awarded stamps for completing tasks in lessons in all subjects, and for other aspects such as attendance, taking part of the wider life of the school, etc. The pupils received working towards bronze, bronze, silver or gold certificates, depending on their achievements, and special awards were made to pupils from each form class for endeavour, improvement or achievement.

The event was attended by proud parents, guardians and family members and Primary school staff to see their children and former pupils awarded. The airport have been the sponsors of this event and various other educational initiatives, for several years now and have supported the pupils by coming to school to promote the event, and running events for groups of pupils at the airport.

The ceremony was opened by a ‘Celebration of Talent’ which saw the highly talented Rhodri Richards, Year 7, give an outstanding piano recital. A second musical instalment saw yet another musically talented pupil, Alys Francis-Farman, Year 7, perform on the violin.

After yet another successful year, we look forward to seeing what the future Year 7 cohort have to offer and welcoming them to the transition events taking place in the coming months.