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Llantwit pupils ‘Running with Nancy’

Llantwit Major school council selected ‘Running with Nancy’ as a local charity that they would like to support this year. Pupils fundraised with a whole school non uniform day and a Year 7 charity fun run last week. The pupils immersed themselves into the fun run and awards were given for both top positions and for endeavour. Some pupils also worked tremendously hard to fundraise and their superb efforts were also acknowledged with prizes. Thank you to the PTA for providing the prizes.


Lucy Thomas, mother of Nancy sent the school the following information to publicise the fundraising with the school community:


“Running with Nancy came about when a soon to be friend  contacted us to share their experiences as parents of having a child with CF. They told us that an American paediatric cf consultant had advised them the best support and opportunity of a longer life they could give their child was to keep him active. ‘Get him running, and when he's tired and can run no more hold his hand and run with him.’ Their son josh Llewelyn Jones is now nearly 30 and is one of the fittest individuals you could hope to meet. Please check out 24hrs4cf. 

So we ran with Nancy initially in a running buggy, we ran 5 and 10km races and even half marathons. She loved it and now she runs on her own . Running is a natural physio activity for her lungs.. and even better for the spirit. Cardio fitness is important to everyone, but for people with cystic fibrosis it's part of everyday life-to stay alive.

We run to raise awareness and funds for two charities that support all kinds of support and research into cystic fibrosis as a result of this research the life expectancy for children with cystic fibrosis has increased. Now 50% of children living today are expected to live longer than 37 years. 

Thank you so much for your support, our family is eternally grateful.”

Congratulations to all pupils involved for their input in raising over £1000, which will be split between the two charities:

Cystic Fibrosis Trust and the Department of Gene Therapy.


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