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Community Participation Days

From 3rd – 5th July Year 9 pupils have completed Community Participation Days.  The pupils have participated in a number of different challenges over these days:

Gardening Challenge

This has involved students designing and creating a garden area within the school grounds for the school community to benefit from. This has included planting new shrubs and flowers and creating bug hotels to attract beneficial insects and other creatures into our garden.

Llantwit Major Tennis Courts Challenge

Pupils have worked with Llantwit Major Town Council to paint walls at Llantwit Major’s tennis courts as part of a refurbishment programme. The pupils have enjoyed this activity.  Students were aware of the tennis courts but we unaware that they were open for the general public to use. As part of their challenge they wanted to raise awareness of the tennis courts and encourage their local community use them and enjoy using them.

Transition Challenge

Year 9 pupil have worked with various departments in the school to provide an enjoyable experience for Year 4 and 5 pupils from local primary schools. Pupils experienced activities in PE, Science, Art, Drama and DT and have enjoyed their time becoming more familiar with the school, with Year 9 pupils and staff.

Charity Challenge

The charity challenge saw pupils organising a car wash to raise money for local charities. The weather was excellent and there were a number of people in the local community who benefitted from having their car washed as well as helping the pupils raise money for their chosen charities.

Heritage Path Walk

Pupils worked with Rebecca from Valeways to clear the Heritage Walk paths of overgrowth and litter making the walk for the local community and visitors to the area safer and more enjoyable.

There are a number of people and organisations who have supported these events and donating money, equipment and plants to the school.

Our thanks go to:

Principality Building Society for their financial donation

Ford Britain Trust for their grant

Cross Farm Nursery, Cowbridge for their donation of plants

Meadowvale Nursery, Llantwit Major for their donation of plants

Valeways for their time and leadership

Llantwit Major Town Council for the opportunity to help with the refurbishment Llantwit Major Tennis Courts


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Photos of year 9 pupils doing the Community Participation Challenge!

The pupils have completed their challenge with enthusiasm and have been extremely pleased with how the work they have done has benefitted the community. There have been many positive comments from the community and the pupils are looking forward to the challenge they will be completing next year – Enterprise and Employability.


If there are any organisations which would like support to benefit the community we are already looking for challenges for groups of pupils to complete next year. Please contact the school’s WBQ department if you have a challenge you feel we would be able to complete.