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Cambridge Nationals ICT

Cambridge Nationals ICT

This is a vocationally-related qualification that takes an engaging, practical and inspiring approach to learning and assessment. The everyday use of ICT, from PCs to smartphones, now impacts all of our lives. This new Cambridge Nationals in ICT reflects this and provides students with a solid understanding of the subject which they can use in their working lives. Three themes are covered: business information systems, creative and technical.


Important Dates

TBC - Revision Understanding Computer Systems 

Wednesday 17 May  8:30 am  Understanding Computer Systems exam in the Main Hall - 1 hour


PDF icon Pre-release Case study the exam

 To prepare for the examination, you should research into the use of ICT in a gym. 

Revision Papers and Questions for the May exam

Mock Paper 1 - Mock Paper 2 - Mock Paper 3 -  Notes and Questions

General Revision

PDF icon Revision List 

PDF icon LO1 RevisionPDF icon LO2 RevisionPDF icon LO3 RevisionPDF icon LO4 Revision


Past Papers

Specimen Paper - Specimen Case Study

Jan13 Paper - Jan 13 Case Study

Jun13 Paper - Jun 13 Case Study

Past Papers on OCR website


Learner Companion Theory Notes

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